Zero waste cleaner planet

We are a charitable not-for-profit organization with the purpose of providing social benefits and building a cleaner, greener and sustainable environment.

Help us achieve our objectives.


What We Do


With our mobile app, Dumpick, we build a cleaner, greener and sustainable environment by helping reduce carbon footprint with the 3R approach:

Reduce- Reuse-Recycle.


Powered by our digital platform, Dumpick, anyone can share re-usable items to be picked up for free by others in the community.


Knowledge is power and we spread this power to everyone through our blogs, digital platform, social media, leaflet and magazine.


With your help and support, we will build solutions that will empower you to help the community and environment. Any donation amount will be appreciated and help us towards building a cleaner and greener planet! Thank you for your help.


Who We Are

Mahdi Hasan

Director and Co-Founder

Mahdi has 16+ years of experience in Leadership, Enterprise Integration and Cloud Migration.


Director and Co-Founder

Rahul has 20+ years of experience in Cloud Architecture, Security and Governance.

Imtiaz Faisal Syed


Investor in shares. Bachelor in Computer Science and Accounting.


Our Mission & Vision


Our main focus is to reduce the amount of waste each year. This long term vision helps us strategize our short and long term goals towards achieving a greener environment.


We believe each one of us has a part to play in achieving a cleaner and greener environment. We promote re-use within the community so that we can reduce wastage.


To tackle climate change, each one of us should help reduce carbon footprint. If we all put a conscious efforts towards this direction with whatever we can, climate change can slow down or can even be reversed!


Cleaner Planet with zero waste.

Create a collaborative community that enables re-use and reduce waste globally.

We believe in our contribution towards building a cleaner planet.

Our Projects

Dumpick Mobile App

Help community and environment by making thrown-away items that are lying on sidewalks available for others, so they can search and pick them up via Dumpick.

Key functionality of the application

  • Post thrown-away items with photos and description.
  • Search for any or a specific thrown-away item within your current location or any specific location.
  • View details of a specific post that contains items’ approximate location, description, posted time, and others’ comments.

Our Sponsors

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